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Hense Systemtechnik began to manufacture machines and tools as a small company in 1966 in Bochum. Today hydraulic and hydrostatic rotary actuators, their components and complete hoisting and rotary actuator systems are developed, constructed and produced. We have developed to a leading company in the market by our focus on our customers, by our high technical standards and by our demanding quality management. - Convince yourself of our efficiency.

Frank Hense


our offerings

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSS

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSE

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSB

Hydr. Palett Changer HPW - serial Design

Hydr. Palett Changer HPW - Parallel Design

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSH

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSL

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSG

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to the Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Corporation Hense - Helac

Hydraulic Rotary Lift Systems with heliac Gearing

The Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG as the general agency of Helac for Germany, Benelux and Austria.

The rapid Growth of the Helac Corporation started in the early 80s, as we began to concentrate on the manufacture of premium hydraulic rotary actuators with heliac gearing. Their good reputation and their business grew fast due to the unique combination of the offered advantages - high loading capacity and high torque, leak-free impact restistance and a compact form.

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Hense at this year's Automotive Testing Expo Europe fair in Stuttgart

At this year's Automotive Testing Expo Europe fair Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG presented a number of innovative products.

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Hense Systemtechnik was honoured with the Supplier Award 2014 by Heller

This year the supplier prize was awarded on 24th June 2014 by Heller. With this prize the company honours excellent performances in connection with the production and delivery of products or services. The Heller Supplier Award is both a honour and motivation.

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