A view to the past

is only sensible if it serves the future

Since our foundation in 1966 we have experienced many a change of our entrepreneurial environment. This is what provides the reason for our untiring quest to draw our power for the innovative from the change of the old, to be able to continue to be a competent and reliable partner for you. You can, whenever you need them, get professional and innovative system solutions from us.

A view back in our company history reveals the tremendous dynamics backing the policy of Hense. Even though our history only goes back to 1966, many a challenge has cropped up in this comparatively short time:



Foundation of Wilhelm Hense & Co. GmbH with the object "Manufacture of machines and tools and the trade with these commodities"


Based on the five years of experience gained up to now in the development and manufacture of customised machine components we develop a drive- called a rotary piston compressor - simplifying the system and initially present it to the construction machine industry.


Due to the success of the first rotary piston compressor our hydraulic rotary actuators of the type HRS and HRS BD have been developed and brought to readiness for start of production in series. The entire machine construction industry now uses the high power density drive concept and thus rewards our market entry.


Our experience in the market with the types HRS and HRS BD in connection with a consequent further development results in a re-launch, thus the types HSG, HSE, HSB and HSK can be presented to and interested market..


Extension of our production surface by 350 m².


Foundation of the subsidiary Hense Systemtechnik GmbH with the object "Development and Sale of Drive and Automation systems".


Extension of our production surface by 850 m².


Wilhelm Hense & Co. GmbH is transferred to Hense Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH, which from now on is the sole shareholder of Hense Systemtechnik GmbH. Within this new company constellation the marketing strategies, and in this case particularly the product policy, is realigned.


Our strategic re-alignment, under which we understand ourselves as suppliers of customised components and system solutions, is successful which enables us to successfully develop a number of new applications.


In preparation of the hand-over to the third family generation Hense Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH and Hense Systemtechnik GmbH are merged into a new legal form - Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co.The object of the company from now on is the development, manufacture, marketing and sales of fluid drive components and systems.


Our previous competitor, Karl Henninger e.G. hands over its product line "hydraulic rotary actuators" to Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG in October. The new market relations opened up hereby are fully integrated into our marketing concept. With the newly gained lines of hydrostatic drives we get new fields of action in test stand technology.


By the complete modernisation and reorganisation of the entire Profit Center "Manufacture" the strategy that had been pursued since 1995 of segment leadership could be successfully supplemented by the strategy of cost leadership.


Meanwhile Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG has 40 on its payroll and achieves a turnover volume of Euro 6 million. By the change of the marketing strategies in 1995 the turnover could be more than doubled in 5 years. The forecast for the further years is positive. Based on the current target figures a turnover increase of 5% is expected. This should be attained by further diversification, by own developments and the introduction of products and the takeover of existing product lines of competitors.


By the progressive modernisation efforts and the persisting pursuit of our marketing strategies the company Hense is able, both to consolidated the existing market position and to expand into other fields. By the continued improvement of our products, services and internal processes the targets where achieved and partly exceeded in the previous years. The year 2008 will be the most successful year in the company history so far.


Despite the global economic crisis looming since end 2008, the company Hense Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG will continue to face the challenges and to assert itself in the market.