Quality Awareness

& Policy

We are convinced that our success is greatly due to both the quality of our products and services, and not least to the competence and motivation of our employees and their commitment to our company targets. The modules of our quality-policy are the support offered by CAD in projecting, a modern and watchful preparation of the work and manufacture accompanied by quality controls. The adherence to specific product regulations and intensive employee training ensure the optimisation of product quality, guarantee for reproducibility and provide for a high-level of availability in the manufacturing process.

Customer focus

Achieving customer satisfaction is our most significant commitment, after all the customers are our most important "Quality inspectors". You decide about the quality of our products and services offered. Therefore we not only take our own many years of experience into account, but also assess and weight proposals of our customers at least to the same extent - and have to carry out customer orders on time and correctly. Our customers expect the very best, on time services that we fulfil quickly and reliably.

Supplier focus

As manufacturing company we rely on the intensive contact and fair relation to our suppliers, the co-operation of the suppliers in the value-added process is becoming an ever more essential factor for the quality of our products. As manufacturing specialist and development partners they contribute with their experience.

Employee focus

By the high quality of their daily work our employees make an essential contribution towards the company's success and form the latter by their qualification and motivation. The development of employees, responsibility for decisions, work safety and the respect for the environment go without saying. The positive approach and active co-operation of each and every one is of particular importance, all employees influence the quality of the products and services. Each employee should be aware that his/her work is needed and is also esteemed. Only satisfied and motivated employees can come up with top-rate performances.

Product focus

The quality of our products and services contributes considerably towards the company success. The top priority is to supply high-quality products that not least provide for greatest precision by the implementation of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. In this connection we use, e.g. 3D measuring machines, for the measurment of workpieces. Our aim in our sector is to actively participate in the design of rotary actuatiors in the national and international market and thus to specifically expand our market.

Progressive improvements

We do not settle for the current situation. The success of the business is considerably challenged by the progressive improvement of products, services and internal processes. Each employee is committed to consider quality as a criterion for his/her daily work and to constantly strive for improvements. The detection of errors and the consequent implementation of measures forms the basis for our progressive improvement. Detecting possible errors early on is essential and has precedence to error elimination.