Component Parts

Our Component Parts Program

Due to the numerous different cases of implementation a wide-spread program of component parts is at disposal to achieve the very best customisation adjustments. To ensure a perfect and safe operation the components selected must be precisely tuned to each other. We would gladly be at your disposal to help you to choose your components.

  • Servo valves, proportional valves and continuous valves of different nominal sizes
  • Pulsation damper to equalise the vibration and erratic flow rates
  • Mounting plate for the placement of valves and accumulators near the motor
  • High-resolution angle of rotation sensors which are attached directly to the rotary actuator shaft by a torsion-proof coupling.
  • Pressure sensors
  • Torque gauge bars or reference torque gauge blocks
  • Clamping set, shrinking sets, shrinking disc or profile hubs for torque transmission
  • Torsion-proof coupling for ensured torque transmission at the same time as shaft displacement
  • Angle flanges for the parallel axel mounting of the rotary actuator control and control electronics