Rotary Lift Systems

HPW in Serial- & Parallel Design

A rotary lift system is a complete unit which can carry out both a pivoting and a linear movement.
Our rotary lift systems, which are a further development of our rotary actuator and linear cylinder program, are used throughout the world in tool machine construction, both for the transfer of workpieces and also for the change of tools.

By linear and pivot movements that can be controlled independently of each other, user-defined movement processes - thus also combined lift and rotation movements, depending on type of application - are possible. An angle of rotation of up to 290 degrees and a lift of up to 300 mm under a load of up to 3.0 tons can be handled without difficulty with a Hense rotary lift system.


Current Flyer - The Hense Pallet Changer

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Overview of technical Data - Rotary Lift systems

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