Test Stand Technology


In all the areas of industry new products have to be available in the market for serial production in ever shorter periods or time. In economic dimensioning and design the know-how of resilience and durability of materials, individual elements or complete components is an essential prerequisite. To find out backed characteristic values torsion test stands are often used when simulating changing torsion burdens which, for instance, are required when testing clutches, shaft-hub connections, gears, etc.

With our highly dynamic rotary actuators and rotary lift systems of the types HSL and HSH we provide the modern torsion test stand technology with high-quality drive units with high power density. The original test stand drives derived from the proven standard rotary actuators have been continuously developed further to fulfil the increasing requirements of our customers. Today these drive systems stand for their own type in which the experience gained from numerous successful customised solutions is mirrored.
The rotary actuators integrated in the control loop have been optimised to such an extent in the field of sealing technology that the stick-slip-effect does not occur as disturbance. The rotary actuators of the type HSH are without seals and have a bearing of the drive shaft acting via hydrostatic bearing and represent a high-end product in connection with their friction properties.


For the individual design of our rotary systems the following components, taking account of the very best operability of the entire system, are optionally available:

  • Servo-valves with connecting plates - located ear the motor
  • Pulsation memory
  • High-resolution rotation angle sensor with torsion-resistant clutch, directly mounted to the rotary actuator shaft
  • Pressure sensors
  • Torque gauge bar, reference torque gauge disks
  • Torsion-resistant clutches - with clamping set / shrink disc mounted to the end of the cylindrical drive shaft
  • Control electronics
  • Mounting elements, e.g. angle flange

Application Areas

of our Test Stand Technology