HSS - Hydraulic rotary actuators

with friction bearings

Like all Hense-Rotary actuators the torsion motors type HSS are based on the rotary vane principle. The drive shaft is radial and axial suspended in coated friction bearings. The coating is tribologically optimized and guarantees low wear. A sufficient lubrication of the bearings is ensured by the pressurized hydraulic fluid. The working chambers are partially separated by pressure and viscosity depended throttle sections to reduce the internal friction of the rotary actuator.

Rotary actuator type HSS are ideally suited to generate oscillating swiveling motions in a middle frequency range with small amplitudes in systems with closed loop control. Therefore, rotary actuator type HSS are always advisable to use when semi dynamic torsion testing must be implemented reliably and economically.

We offer custom-tailored solutions for diverse industrial applications. The team of Hense Systemtechnik will be happy to advise you in the technical configuration and realization of your project.

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSS

technical data

and standard drives

Nominal pressure

up to 280 bar

Nominal torque

up to 35 kNm

Torsion angle

up to 120°

Application Areas

Preferred Application Areas

Testing technology