The Hense Rotary Actuator


The Hense rotary actuators apply the rigid vane principle and attain an incomplete circular motion over an angle area of a max. 290°.
The mode of operation of the rigid vane rotary actuators is simple and effective. A wing pivot and a rigid vane connected rigidly to the drive shaft sub-divide a circular cylinder internal space into two chambers. The rotation movement and the torque are generated directly by pressure application to the wing pivot.

Operation principle of the rotary actuator

The Hense rotary actuator has been designed for the most varying fields of application and many drive tasks can not only be solved in a technically reliable manner but also economically. With our standard rotary actuators of the overall sizes 01 to 11 maximum torques of up to 56 k Nm can be realised at pressure ranges of up to 200 bar.

Technical Specifications of the standard rotary actuators at a glance

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Depending on type of application you have numerous designs per manufactured size (e.g. design for the end of a shaft or the type of mounting) at your disposal.

Designs at a glance

We also offer customised solutions going beyond the standard range to suit the most varying applications.
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