HSB Rotary Actuators

with hydraulic retaining brake

Rotary actuators with mounted hydraulically ventilated spring-pressure multiple disc brake are recommended if, a pivot position attained - even for an unlimited period - is to be maintained unchanged despite the impact of a load torque. The sole purpose of the brake is to hold the burden. Care must only be taken that major transmission delays in the lines between shut-down of the rotary actuator may cause the release of the ventilated brake via spring pressure.

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSB

technical data

of the standard drives

Operating pressure

up to 200 bar


up to 56 kNm

Anlge of rotary

up to 290°

Application Areas

Preferred Application Areas

General machine construction

Construction of special machines

Implementation where safety requirements are higher

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Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSB

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