HSE Rotary Actuator

with End Position damping w/ or w/o rotating angle limitation respectively

The rotary actuators of the series HSE fulfil the function of an end position damping in addition with, respectively without, adjustable rotating angle limitation. This means the deceleration, the delay of the angular movement up to standstill. For the damping the cross section of the bore for the medium draining off is progressively reduced and thus the moved masses are hydraulically stopped. The end position has been attained when the bore is completely closed and the medium can no longer drain off.

Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSE

technical data

of the standard drives

Operating pressure

up to 200 bar


up to 56 kNm

Angle of rotary

up to 290°

Application Areas

Preferred Application Areas

General machine construction

Tool machine construction

Handling technology

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Hydr. Rotary Actuator HSE

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